Senzing announces a partnership with People Data Labs (PDL), a Data as a Service (DaaS) company. 

PDL joins an increasing number of data providers that publish datasets mapped to Senzing JSON format. Additionally, to accelerate use case evaluations, PDL made several sample-size datasets of business entities available in the Senzing JSON format. This enables customers and partners to effortlessly explore these datasets for entity resolution with other internal and external data sources.

People Data Labs Co-founder and President, Henry Nevue said, “The ability Senzing provides to quickly and easily join and resolve PDL data with your internal customer, company and human capital data is a huge win for any organization interested in building powerful AI-enabled applications and services.”

AI Applications and Decisioning Systems Require Trusted Data

For enhanced accuracy and decision-making, adding external datasets that complement and enrich internal data sources is critical. This can prove difficult since organizations face challenges combining external data with internal data.

“Senzing pre-formatted datasets are easy to ingest, and Senzing® AI for entity resolution automatically detects record duplicates, possible matches and relationships across disparate datasets,” says Anthony Farinha Senzing VP of Global Business Development and Partnerships. “Our partners are always on the lookout for datasets that can enrich their B2B data and downstream operational workflows. PDL is a great dataset option for this, and can now be easily ingested into and processed with Senzing to accelerate time-to-value and insights for our joint customers.”

Click the button below to get the sample business datasets from People Data Labs in Senzing JSON format.

About PDL
PDL provides data on over 600 million people globally, linking B2B data like work history, education, location, etc., to company data and personal identifying information (PII). PDL data is the trusted backend of hundreds of applications, including recruiting, fraud prevention, workforce planning, investment research, marketing, and more.