Artificial Intelligence for Entity Resolution

At your Fingertips, on your desktop

For Mac OS X 10.11 or Later.

For Windows 10 or Later.


Experience Senzing Entity Resolution without Loading any data

Senzing Desktop comes with a preloaded demo project that allows you to experience our entity resolution without the need to load your own data.

Explore your data with
the power of Senzing

Find duplicates, matches, possible matches and possible relationships in your data in minutes. Your initial download supports 100K records free. Contact us to get more at no charge.

Discover and Explore Relationships

Senzing identifies relationships between people and business entities in your data so that you can explore, even those often missed by other approaches.

Privacy by Design (PbD)

We are committed to data privacy and have designed it into our products. The AI runs inside the desktop product, none of your private data flows to Senzing, inc.