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About Senzing

Our Story

From IBM to Today

Creating the world’s leading Entity Resolution software

In 2009, IBM secretly launched a project to revolutionize Entity Resolution. Entity Resolution is an advanced IT solution initially created to find fraud, bad actors, insider threat and crime. This IBM “skunkworks” project was code named “G2.” Following two and a half years of ground-up design and engineering, in 2012 “G2” became commercially available.

With well over 1,000 customer downloads and epic projects serving global organizations, including Fortune 100, banks and governments, G2 was proven. It evolved into a mature, industrial-strength technology and led the industry in innovation and world class performance.

In August of 2016, IBM and Senzing formed a unique, one-of-a kind partnership. Senzing licensed the G2 technology and the IBM G2 team joined our new company.

At Senzing we have assembled a world-class team to bring you G2v2–the next generation of Entity Resolution. Smarter Entity ResolutionTM is now available. Plug and play and real-time means faster and smarter results.

No private data flows to Senzing.

We ship code to you. Run Senzing on your cloud or on-premise infrastructure.

Our Team

Our core team is comprised of world-class Entity Resolution experts. On average, the core team has worked together with Jeff on average for 12+ years at his previous company. Entity Resolution is their life and privacy is their mission.

  • Jonas Founder, CEO and Chief Scientist

    Superpower: Big data whisperer

  • Butcher

    Co-Founder and Chief Architect

    Superpower: Materializing Jonas’ vision

  • Greg

    Co-Founder & Chief Engineer

    Superpower: Accelerating systems

  • Brian

    Chief of Product Development and Operations

    Superpower: Superhero sequencing superheros

  • Bliss

    Chief Privacy Officer

    Superpower: Squaring law, privacy and technology

  • Barry

    Chief of Application Services and Interfaces

    Superpower: Complexity masking