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Senzing ER Empowers You to Make Smarter Decisions: Discover Who is Who in Your Big Data

GDPR Missing Link Report Senzing ER for GDPR Product

Senzing ER: Smarter Entity Resolution™ for Fraud, Risk and GDPR Compliance

Senzing builds powerful plug and play AI software products for fraud, insider threat, marketing and GDPR Compliance. Senzing’s technology was licensed from IBM in August 2016. Our team has worked for over a decade deploying world-class Entity Resolution for the top global leaders in finance, security, banking, marketing and global logistics.

Senzing ER analyzes records about people and organizations that contain structured PII, e.g., names, addresses, identifiers, to determine “who is who.” Senzing ER discovers relationships between entities.

These resolved and related entities are then consumed downstream by your fraud detection, scoring, recommendation or intelligence systems to generate higher quality business decisions.
Senzing ER makes you smarter.

Real-time AI

A unique method of real-time artificial intelligence.

Relationship Aware

Self-tuning, self-correcting, relationship awareness.


Monthly subscription prices starting at $399/month.

Senzing is Trusted by The Leading Brands

“Since 2012, G2 has helped us modernize U.S. voter registration while reducing unintended disclosure risk. The system requires less than one full-time person to manage over 250M records for more than 20 states.”

Shane Hamlin, Executive Director

“IBM licenses Senzing technology for use in our advanced big data analytics products. Together we're delivering massively scalable, real-time, actionable intelligence systems that serve mission critical operations."

Rob Thomas, General Manager

"We embedded Senzing ER within our Alpine Crime Analysis Platform (ACAP) to help us deliver high-value solutions to law enforcement customers. Senzing’s technology was incredibly easy to deploy."

Stan Duda, CEO

Use Cases

From financial fraud, insider threat and law enforcement to GDPR compliance and Customer 360, Senzing is the leader in Smarter Entity Resolution™ for big data. Get Senzing ER.

GDPR Compliance

Bad Guy Hunting

Customer 360

Public Safety

Risk Analysis

GPPR Compliance

Senzing ER for GDPR is the Missing Link. With Senzing ER, organizations can easily locate and retrieve citizen data in all systems. Senzing ER delivers powerful single subject search for compliance with data subject access requests.

Senzing ER for GDPR Empowers Organizations:

  • Locate all personal data in seconds with a single search
  • Find the precise location of each record in all sources
  • Protect privacy with built-in Privacy by Design features
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Bad Guy Hunting

Senzing ER is a powerful tool for catching bad guys who are committing fraud or engaging in other illegal activity. Senzing ER is essential to identifying bad actors, revealing patterns and unraveling criminal networks.

Senzing ER Enables Organizations To:

  • Reduce exposure to financial loss
  • Protect corporate and brand reputation
  • Ensure compliance with industry and regulatory requirements
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Customer 360

Get a 360-degree view of your customer. Senzing ER makes your big data actionable for your organization—find out Who is Who in your customer data today.

Senzing ER Enables Organizations To:

  • Easily eliminate the duplicates in your customer and prospect lists
  • Get an omni-channel view of your customers to better service them
  • Deliver targeted next best actions for cross-sell and up-sell
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Public Safety

Senzing ER is an essential tool for law enforcement. Senzing ER helps analysts and investigators discover non-obvious relationships.

Senzing ER Empowers Organizations to:

  • Pierce through false identities
  • Discover links between criminals, suspects, informants, victims, witnesses, etc.
  • Perform best-in-class fuzzy searches over the entire organization’s entity graph
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Risk Analysis

Senzing ER is mission critical to any risk assessment solution. Harness your big data to mitigate risk.

Senzing ER Enables Organizations to:

  • Identify risk, smarter and faster
  • Get a holistic view of Who is Who in your data
  • Achieve continuous assessment and situational awareness to mitigate risk
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About Senzing

The Senzing team has delivered the largest real-time Entity Resolution products in the world. We operationalize mission-critical systems for governments, financial institutions, law enforcement, and multinationals; many in the 500M to 10B+ record range. From marketing to bad guy hunting to fraud, Senzing builds automated plug and play AI products for leaders.

Jeff Jonas, CEO and founder of Senzing and former IBM Fellow, is the leading Entity Resolution visionary in the world. He was named the Wizard of Big Data by National Geographic. He is a privacy champion.

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