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Senzing® API makes it easy and affordable to add the world’s most advanced entity resolution capabilities to your enterprise systems, commercial applications or SaaS services. Designed for software developers, data engineers and solution architects, Senzing API provides highly accurate data matching and linking to improve analytics, insights and outcomes.

If you are thinking about building your own entity resolution services in house, or looking at other commercial options, try Senzing API first. Many of our customers have successfully deployed Senzing entity resolution in weeks, at a fraction of the cost of other offerings.

Senzing API is a set of libraries that can be deployed in a variety of ways depending on your architecture and environment. For example, you can embed Senzing API within your application or deploy it as a service or container, to provide complete 360-degree views of people, organizations, and their networks of relationships.

Minimal data preparation is required. No tuning, training or entity resolution experts are needed. Senzing API runs on premises or in your private cloud. No data ever flows to Senzing, Inc.

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Senzing® API is easy and affordable and is the world’s most advanced entity resolution capabilities to your enterprise systems.

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