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Senzing App Version History

Version: 1.4.18341
Released: 7 Dec 2018

  1. Improved error handling for startup failures
  2. Leverages latest API improvements
  3. Eagerly working on big new things!

Version: 1.3.18306
Released: 2 Nov 2018

  1. Opt-in to share App Analytics to help us improve the product
  2. Improved identification of ADDR_FULL vs ADDR_LINE1 in auto-mapping
  3. Stability and Bug Fixes
  4. Leverages latest API improvements

Version: 1.2.18274
Released: 1 Oct 2018 (Windows only)

  1. Release with updated security libraries to remove old dependencies

Version: 1.2.18273
Released: 30 Sept 2018

  1. See full entity details in the new Entity Resume
  2. By popular request, data exports now include all the records rather than the sample view
  3. Filter your results by Match Key for quick analysis
  4. API customers can now leverage the App in their development and testing
  5. Numerous interface enhancements and clean up
  6. Leverages the latest Senzing API for even better results

Version: 1.1.18261
Released: 18 Sept 2018

  1. Fix the premature expiration of licenses
  2. More to come soon!

Version: 1.1.18199
Released: 19 July 2018

  1. New Icon, because Icons are cool
  2. Check for Updates:
    1. Opt-in to Automatically Check for Updates allows you to get the latest improvements to the Senzing experience
    2. NEW in Preferences: We believe in choice, you can turn off automatic updates too
  3. NEW Options: Accessible via the Gear Icon (Settings)
    1. Get Help: Submit Support Ticket
    2. About Senzing
    3. Access to Getting Started Page
    4. Access to Online Documentation
    5. Check for Updates
  1. Fixed drag-and-drop for adding one or more CSVs into the Data Sources screen
  2. Fixed copy/paste of in-app text on macOS
  3. Improved privacy messaging when enabling detailed application logs
  4. Improved status on and handling of license limits
  5. Various other bug fixes and improvements

Version: 1.1.18170
Released: 19 June 2018

  1. Initial GA version

Senzing API Version History

Version: 1.4.18341
Released: 7 Dec 2018

  1. Distinct Values enhancement now works with addresses
  2. Further performance improvements to eliminate database queries
  3. Improve memory usage during exporting data
  4. getEntity* functions no longer return full data for related entities. This significantly improves performance of these functions. If you want to be able to return the full data for the related entities, see the recent FindNetwork function
  5. The JSON in the export has been simplified to match the new getEntity* behavior
  6. Identical records but with different RECORD_IDs will now process significantly faster
  7. Improved handling of parallel related record handling
  8. Fix bug with REL_LINKs not breaking relationships properly
  9. Additional performance improvements with large numbers of features of the same type
  10. Fix a potential access violation when SQL debug logging is enabled
  11. Fix handling of inconsistently formatted SSN features
  12. ** Note there are schema changes for this version. Please apply the appropriate SQL upgrade file to your repository

Version: 1.3.18313
Released: 9 Nov 2018

  1. Fix potential issue with invalid LIB_FEAT_IDs getting stored. This is fixed and any bad values are handled.
  2. Fix issue with related parallel loaded data not seeing each other ("Latching") leading to an increased inconsistency in results in certain data conditions.
  3. Fix bug in not actually dropping to single threaded on small loads even though it claimed it did
  4. Lazy load full feature information during processing causing a significant reduction in select statements
  5. Never suppress NAME scoring regardless of the number of distinct names
  6. Misc internal cleanup items

Version: 1.3.18306
Released: 2 Nov 2018

  1. FindPath and FindNetwork functions added to support visualization, insight detection, as well as integrating advanced capabilities into interactive canvases. See Finding Connections
  2. Automatically adjust to handle bad/excessive data in order to reduce noise in results and improve performance. For instance, having 500 addresses means that address is no longer identifiable for the entity or having 1000 entities with the same disclosed relationship is no longer a meaningfully strong relationship.
  3. Total number of identified resolved entities is now returned in the audit summary
  4. Last Update/Seen date added to getEntity* call returns
  5. G2Loader has new flags to disable redo processing as well as to only process redo. This allows a multi-node setup to have one redo process as well as adds the flexibility for users wanting to process redo only at the end or with a fixed number of threads.
  6. G2Loader now supports pulling files from Amazon AWS S3
  7. VIN and License Plate features added
  8. Support Linux using SoftHSM as a secure store. See Selective Hashing and SoftHSM HowTo
  9. Key new articles available:
    1. Replicating the Senzing results to a Data Warehouse
    2. Reprocessing with configuration changes
    3. Managing the Senzing API configuration
    4. Scaling out your database with Clustering
    5. Senzing Architecture
  10. Updated API Docs

Version: 1.2.18273
Released: 30 Sept 2018

  1. API customers can now leverage the App in their development and testing. Download the App at
  2. Upgrading existing configurations and repositories is now supported
    1. SQL files are now included to allow you to upgrade your existing repositories to the latest version
    2. Leverage the program to convert your existing configuration to work with the latest API version
  3. New ER configuration enhancements for users leveraging the latest configuration
  4. The new Distinct Values enhancement will automatically detect that one value is a subset of another. For instance, that Passport without a country or that Date of Birth without a day will no longer create overmatching once the complete value is discovered
  5. Improved performance and accuracy in handling ambiguous records
  6. The Python API is now much better aligned with the Java API, allowing us to provide a unified set of documentation at
  7. Support formal Chinese government dates so you now effortlessly match '2011年9月30日' to '30th of Sept 2011'
  8. Our community github has been launched with a Spring Boot example:
  9. NAME_DATA, ATTRIBUTE_DATA, IDENTIFIER_DATA fields have been added to the CSV output
  10. G2Audit temporary files are now compressed for a vastly smaller resource footprint

Version: 1.1.18261
Released: 18 Sep 2018

  1. Fix the premature expiration of licenses in the G2Config API
  2. More to come soon!

Version: 2.22
Released: 13 Aug 2018

  1. Misc bug fixes

Version: 2.21
Released: 28 June 2018

  1. Initial release supporting the Senzing App

Version: 2.20
Released: 5 Feb 2018

  1. Improve some repeated data values being considered less important too soon
  2. Fix Audit Report could return with truncated records
  3. Significantly improve Possible Matches and Possibly Related results
  4. Automatically suppress 0/0/0 DATE and unknown GENDER values
  5. Substantial streamlining of MySQL integration
  6. Substantial streamlining of SQLite integration
  7. Allow for arbitrarily large JSON data in MySQL
  8. Searches will now return name only matches

Version: 2.15 (20180112)
Released: 12 Jan 2018

  1. Performance improvements
  2. Fix statistics calculation issue with SQL value out of range error on MySQL

Version: 2.14 (20180105)
Released: 5 Jan 2018

  1. Add G2Config API for adding datasources to the JSON configuration
  2. Make G2 Config JSON the primary configuration mechanism
  3. Add new GROUP ASSOCIATION feature for things such as EMPLOYER or group membership (Las Vegas Rotary)
  4. Database optimizations for MySQL and SQLite
  5. Address scoring performance improvements (2-3x)
  6. Export and Reporting APIs are much faster and the results are richer
  7. Upgrade name scoring from v5 to v6

Version: 2.12.2 (20170925)
Released: 25 Sep 2017

  1. Fix issue with disclosed relationships

Version: 2.12.1 (20170901)
Released: 1 Sep 2017

  1. Fix issue with G2Loader python3 compatibility
  2. If G2 fails to load, add a reminder for Ubuntu/Debian about the required platform specific libraries
  3. Fix python3 issue with some JSON data and G2Command
  4. Fix issue with unicodecsv being loaded with python3

Version: 2.12 (20170828)
Released: 28 Aug 2017

  1. Completely revamped API for much more intuitive use
    1. Parameters are simplified with extra parameters removed
    2. RecordID is consistently used
  2. Made the JSON data and API better align with terms
    1. SOURCE_ID is now LOAD_ID
    2. ENTITY_ID is consistently used instead of RES_ENT_ID, RESOLVED_ID, and RELATED_ID
    4. Confusion over ENTITY_KEY and RECORD_ID has been removed leaving just RECORD_ID being consistently used
  3. Complete Java/JNI interface
  4. G2Command shell for an interactive learning tool
  5. Adds Ubuntu and Debian support
  6. Now supports Python3
  7. Handle multiple values in simple fields (e.g. Phone)
  8. If G2 crashes it will automatically save a stack as g2.dump.#### with useful information for support

Version: v2 (20170727)
Released: 27 Jul 2017

  1. Automatically detect and downgrade the importance of invalid, partial, or misused IDs and SSNs
  2. Improve the best match algorithm when determining where to resolve a record when there are multiple options
  3. Support loading the G2 configuration via a JSON file making for easy promotion, history, and version control
  4. Improve memory footprint and performance while further reducing datastore access
  5. Automatically detect and downgrade the importance of invalid GENDER values
  6. Dramatically improve memory footprint for reporting
  7. Fix disclosed relations regression
  8. Improved date scoring
  9. Fix license display for Enterprise licenses

Version: v2 (20170624)
Released: 24 Jun 2017

  1. Increased performance with reduced repetitive calls to the data store
  2. Improve Full Address processing
  3. Enhanced results when including name and address
  4. Improve Date format handling
  5. Increased flexibility with input data files
  6. License key support (required now for non-Eval uses)
  7. Fix memory growth in name processing

Version: v2 (20170512)
Released: 12 May 2017

  1. Speed speed speed... up to 60% faster
  2. New Quickstart Video
  3. Added DB2 support to the Developer package
  4. Many new high level, easy to consume APIs in Python to the Developer package
    1. Adding and Removing Record with Python
    2. Getting Resolved Entities with Python
    3. Searching by Entity Attributes with Python
    4. Real-time Searching with Python
    5. and more
    6. All APIs are available in a C interface also
  5. Upgrade Name and Address processing for improved quality
  6. Allow merging of records without names, in some cases
  7. Improved error handling and reporting
  8. Move data exporting and reporting into the core C engine
  9. Various bug fixes

Version: v2 (20170411)
Released: 11 Apr 2017

  1. Real-time search interface using JSON available via python
  2. Feature behavior overrides based on usage type and entity class. A business address (USAGE_TYPE of BUSINESS) can be considered exclusive where a residence is not.
  3. Added a match_score for improved sorting of results
  4. Added GEO location scoring and STB sliders for candidate list building
  5. Substantial performance improvements to
  6. Improved address scoring
  7. Much of the keyless entity processing moved into core libG2
  8. General quality improvements
  9. OFAC converter sample posted as well as sample Panama Papers data

Version: v2 (20170315)
Released: 15 Mar 2017

  1. Implement redo to re-evaluate past assertions made on now generic data
  2. libG2 now handles search requests (limited to XML for now)
  3. G2Report will limit results, if necessary, to prevent failures in the prototype visualization
  4. Visualization will display strongest possible matches and relationships first
  5. Support compressed input files to G2Loader
  6. Dramatically improve reloading of data without purging first
  7. Implement Name generation scoring
  8. Made workload statistics available in the libG2 C API (not yet available in the python G2Loader output)
  9. Improved single node scaling
  10. ID scoring automatically recognizes that people can have IDs in different states without it being a conflict (e.g. passports, drivers licenses)
  11. General performance, quality, and feature improvements

Version: v2 (20170221)
Released: 21 Feb 2017

August 8th, 2016 Senzing was launched with a source code license to IBM’s G2 Entity Resolution (ER) technology. Since August, we have been advancing this code base in extraordinary ways. Our new version, G2v2 is even more accurate, even easier to use, faster, and uses less storage space. Note: This is just the beginning as we have over 100 specific engineering tasks identified and prioritized on our internal project board. Our Entity Resolution 2.0 libraries for application builders are already well beyond the ER 1.0 offerings on the market today. Get a G2v2 subscription today and enjoy the journey with us as we continue to revolutionize the ER space.