Prominent Data Scientist
Paco Nathan Joins Senzing

Senzing, Inc. announced today that prominent data scientist and innovator Paco Nathan has joined the company as Principal Developer Relations Engineer.

Paco brings decades of experience working with machine learning, natural language and graph technologies to his role at Senzing. He will work to further the company’s momentum as it expands into innovative new use cases for its industry-leading real-time AI for entity resolution.

Paco is known as a “player/coach” with +40 years of experience from Bell Labs to early-stage start-ups. He is a board member for, advisor for KUNGFU.AI, and, and lead committer on pytextrank, kglab. His former roles include Director, Learning Group at O’Reilly Media and Director, Community Evangelism for Apache Spark at Databricks.

Paco commented, “I am thrilled to be joining Senzing, helping build out developer relations and expand knowledge graph practices. Entity resolved knowledge graphs are – in particular – at the core of the data engineering and AI quality work required for reliable, trustworthy AI applications today.” He has been testing these concepts, sharing them with his peers at conferences within the knowledge graph community, and recently published Entity Resolved Knowledge Graphs: A Tutorial on neo4j’s blog. 

“Practitioners recognize the vital role that entity resolution serves in building and maintaining graphs for production AI work,” says Nathan, “whether it’s in anti-fraud, global supply networks, patient 360 or a myriad of other typical graph applications.” 

Paco is the author of several books, videos and tutorials on machine learning, natural language, graph technologies, and related topics. He is also a regular speaker and host at influential industry events, including Connected Data World, Knowledge Graph Conference, K1st World, and the AI Conference.

Senzing Founder/CEO Jeff Jonas said, “We are elated to have Paco join team Senzing. We’ve been following Paco for a while and have been impressed by his technical excellence and leadership. Together we will be helping developers fast-track their success with the force-multiplying effect of entity resolved knowledge graphs.”

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