Data Providers Accelerate Time-To-Value with Senzing JSON

Integrating external datasets is critical for many organizations as they pursue their AI or data-led transformations. Whether leveraging external data to enhance internal entity resolution accuracy or add new attributes to existing data, the goal is more actionable and trusted insights.

This need to integrate external datasets is why the number of third-party data providers who deliver pre-mapped, validated Senzing JSON datasets is growing. These Senzing preferred data provider partners enable seamless data integration for Senzing users.

Senzing JSON Formatted Datasets Enable Seamless Data Integration

Senzing Partners Accelerate Time-To-Value with Senzing JSON

Senzing Preferred Data Provider Partners

Our partners range from open data company registries to data as a service (DaaS) businesses. Current partners include:

Open Sanctions Senzing Data Provider Partner

OpenSanctions is an international database of persons and companies of political, criminal or economic interest. OpenSanctions data combines sanctions lists, databases of politically exposed persons, and other information about persons in the public interest into a single, easy-to-use dataset.

GLEIF Senzing Data Provider Partner

GLEIF manages a network of partners, the LEI issuing organizations, to provide trusted services and open, reliable data for unique legal entity identification worldwide. The Global LEI Index is the only global online source that provides open, standardized and high-quality legal entity reference data.

Open Ownership Senzing Data Provider Partner

Open Ownership helps countries generate high-quality data on company ownership that complies with international standards and meets the needs of data users across government, civil society and the private sector. All Open Ownership data is formatted using the Beneficial Ownership Data Standard (BODS), updated regularly, and made available as a free download under the Open Data Commons Attribution License.

SafeGraph Senzing Data Provider Partner

SafeGraph is narrowly focused on building the most accurate global places dataset available, empowering modern builders to create world-class location-based applications and analytics tools. As a source of truth for the physical world, SafeGraph data provides up-to-date, rigorously verified POI data.

Benefits of Publishing Data in Senzing JSON Format

Publishing data in Senzing JSON format offers numerous advantages:

• Evaluations Completed 50% Faster: Organizations wanting to test data provider data often struggle to compare this data with their own data holdings. This causes evaluations to take an unnecessarily long time. With preformatted Senzing JSON, organizations can greatly speed up evaluation times.

• Prove Higher Value During Evaluations: When organizations use outdated entity resolution tech or homegrown matching, records are often over- and under-matched, masking the benefit. Using preformatted Senzing data and the Senzing entity resolution engine, organizations will see higher-quality outcomes.

• Win 30% More Deals: Because Senzing preformatted data accelerates testing and the Senzing engine produces more highly accurate and explainable matching, data providers can see up to 30% higher win rates.

• Ecosystem Awareness and Adoption: Senzing system integrators (SIs) and independent software vendors (ISVs) are keen to include Senzing preformatted data in their RFPs and projects as this accelerates their time-to-value and value proposition. Data providers with Senzing JSON are introduced to this Senzing partner ecosystem.

“Having our full data set published in Senzing format makes it extremely easy to download and use as contrast material on the data you already have in-house, whether that’s transactional or beneficial ownership information.”
Friedrich Lindenberg, Founder, Open Sanctions

The shared goal of Senzing and our data provider partners is to accelerate time-to-value. Organizations evaluating third-party data can now quickly determine which data adds value and then bring acquired data into their knowledge graph, vendor 360 view, fraud analytics platform, or other application with unprecedented ease.

Getting Started as a Senzing Data Provider Partner

• Senzing Assisted Mapper Development: Using real data provider data, Senzing will create a sample Python data mapper that the data provider can use as a development template for creating their own internal, production mapping process.

• Senzing Validation: Senzing can test your mapper code to validate that it’s properly formatted and ready for fast-tracking Senzing user consumption.

• Market Amplification: Senzing will help amplify your organization’s marketing and social media efforts.

• Eco-System Introductions: Senzing will make introductions to select ecosystem partners that have alignment in go-to-market benefits.

Increase the Value of Your Data by Becoming a Senzing Data Provider Partner Today

Senzing JSON formatted datasets help data providers quickly monetize and prove the value of their offerings to customers. Plus, the overall value of the data is increased with Senzing entity resolution AI that detects matches and relationships across datasets with real-time capabilities that help transform external datasets into crucial components of transactional systems.

We actively promote partners who provide Senzing JSON data and facilitate monetization through data marketplaces and other ecosystems to widen adoption across new segments.