Enabling Ethical Sourcing With Entity Resolution

Do you know who you’re doing business with? Are all your suppliers ethical? Does your supply chain have vulnerabilities? In this video Jeff Jonas, Senzing CEO, and Will Layton, Head of Sales, discuss why Know your Business (KYB) is so critical for enabling ethical sourcing and reducing supply chain risk.

Everyone understands the importance of Know Your Customer (KYC). What about KYB, also known as corporate KYC?

Senzing® entity resolution helps you better understand who is in your supply chain to enable ethical sourcing. We can help detect suppliers with ties to countries you don’t want to do business with. We can also identify people within supplier organizations that may have derogatory connections. Maybe one of their board members is on a watch list or on the ICIJ list? With Senzing, you can get a 360-degree view of all the organizations and people in your supply chain, so you can better understand each entity and all of their relationships.

In less than 15 minutes, you can see for yourself what Senzing entity resolution can do for you. Get started for free!

Video Transcript

0:00 Introduction
0:15: Knowing Your Supply Chain & Supply Chain Vulnerabilities
0:31: Know Your Business (KYB) with Entity Resolution
1:16: Supply Chain Record Matching
1:35: Easy Entity Resolution Proof of Concept (PoC) & Integration

Jeff Jonas: Hi. Jeff Jonas here, founder and CEO of Senzing. I’m sitting here with Will Layton, our head of sales and leader of our public sector business, which is doing really well actually. It’s fabulous.

0:15: Knowing Your Supply Chain & Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

Jeff: On supply chain and really knowing who’s in your supply chain and vulnerabilities in the supply chain or parties in the supply chain that shouldn’t be in the supply chain… Any more comments about that and are we seeing use cases for that?

0:31: Know Your Business (KYB) with Entity Resolution

Will Layton: So, that’s the hot use case for 2023. It’s instead of Know Your Customer (KYC), it’s know who you’re doing business [Know Your Business (KYB)] with – who’s in your supply chain, and in that case, we got to take third-party data to understand ties to countries that we don’t want to have ties to, whether that [is] China, Russia, Ukraine or others. It could be just understanding that you’ve got people that have derogatory connections. Maybe one of their board members is on a watch list or is on ICIJ’s list.

1:16: Supply Chain Record Matching

Jeff: Well, Will, one of the things… I mean, I’m very excited about all the public sector growth, and thank you. It’s also exciting to see all of the outcomes and maybe just a few words to close from you on the amount of time it’s taking our public sector partners of ours to integrate our technology and get all these benefits.

1:35: Easy Entity Resolution KYB Proof of Concept (PoC) & Integration

Will: Well, what we’ve done as a company is we’ve made it easier to put data in our engine for a trial, for a proof of concept, so that you can see results and make [testing Senzing] faster. The really cool part about Senzing and our customers, especially in the public sector, is when they put data in the Senzing engine they love the results and it’s viral.

They want to go do a different use case. They want to add more data, and that’s really helped grow our business through just people telling people about [the] great work we’ve done with our software.

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