Entity Resolved Knowledge Graphs - The Future of Graph Analytics

Entity resolved knowledge graphs can benefit your organization by helping you make discoveries in your data that you couldn’t get before. Watch this video as Jeff Jonas discusses how information from entity resolved graphs can better direct the attention of analysts and investigators and improve alerts and visualizations.

The benefits from entity resolved data about people and organizations is even greater when the data is output in an entity-resolved knowledge graph. You can gain additional interesting insights from your data, compress and simplify complex visualizations, and improve efficiencies and better direct human attention.

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Video Transcript

0:00 Introduction
0:12 Entity Resolution as an Attention-Directing System
0:28 Advanced Relationship Detection with Entity Resolution
0:54 Entity Resolved Graphs Help Downstream Systems

One of the important things that entity resolution does is it helps organizations direct their attention to the most interesting things.

0:12 Entity Resolution as an Attention-Directing System

[Entity resolution is] an attention-directing system. It’s like hey, here’s a tip, here’s a lead. If you’re in, for example, the bad guy hunting mission… [or] maybe you’re doing anti-money laundering (AML), maybe you’re doing counterterrorism, maybe you’re doing insider threat. These are examples where you’re trying to catch a clever or bad person.

0:28 Advanced Relationship Graphs and Relationship Detection with Entity Resolution

When you’re doing this, one way to surface interesting leads is not just knowing who’s who but knowing who’s related to whom. Let’s say you have three people that you know have been bad and done fraud to your bank. If you have two other people that live with them, there are five people at one address. You’ve already had three known fraudsters, now you have two more. Maybe those two are synthetic identities. This would really be worth knowing.

0:54 Entity-Resolved Graphs Help Downstream Systems

Attention-directing systems [say] hey, look at this, look at that. [They] benefit from the downstream work of resolved entities, knowledge graphs, whatever you want to call them. Using an entity-resolved graph, an output of what Senzing creates, is going to help downstream systems do a better job. [Entity-resolved graphs help] direct human attention, tips, queuing alerts, as well help visualize data. So during the investigative process, you’re not looking at 110 nodes in a graph, it’s just seven [nodes], and so it makes it quicker computationally in your own head to figure out if this is good news or bad news.

Senzing makes it easy to build entity-resolved graphs.

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