Catching Bad Actors With Entity Resolution

There are two ways you can use data and analytics to catch bad actors. Watch this video as Senzing CEO Jeff Jonas explains the details of how entity resolution and Entity Centric Learning accelerate the process of catching clever criminals.

Smart bad actors are experts at hiding their identities and going undetected. They do this using a technique called channel separation. To beat them at their own game, you need to do the following:

  1. Have data they don’t know you have.
  2. Analyze all of your data in new ways they don’t expect to determine that two identities are really the same bad actor.

When these two methods are combined, the results are extremely powerful and absolutely essential for catching clever bad actors. Without them and entity resolution with Entity Centric Learning, you’ll only catch the idiots. To learn more about how to use data and analytics to detect criminal activity, schedule a call with an entity resolution expert.

Video Transcript

0:00 Introduction
0:31 Two Ways to Catch Clever Bad People
1:08 Catch Clever Bad People Using Entity Resolution
1:31 Senzing Entity Resolution with Entity Centric Learning

After several decades of using entity resolution to help organizations find clever bad actors, in hindsight I’ve realized there are only two ways to use data and analytics to catch these very clever bad people. By the way, you only have to worry about the clever bad people because if they’re not clever, they’re the idiots, and the idiots, they run out of gas on the way to the operation. But here are the two ways.

0:31 Two Ways to Catch Clever Bad People

One [way] is you have to have some data they don’t know you have. If they know what five streets a city has video cameras on, they’ll take the sixth street.

The second way is you have to be able to compute on the data in a manner your adversary cannot fathom. They may know you have a video camera in the parking lot, but they have maybe never got the memo that something exists called license plate readers that can pull a license plate number off of [their car]. So, they don’t think that data source really matters or is computable to you.

1:08 Catch Clever Bad People Using Entity Resolution

In the case of entity resolution, what organizations are able to do to catch these clever bad people is they’re able to figure out that this Ken is this Greg, even though there’s no [apparent] similarity between the two records. An adversary who’s practicing channel separation, who’s denying you the ability to know these two people are the same, but you need to know they’re the same – how are you going to do it?

1:31 Senzing Entity Resolution with Entity Centric Learning

Entity resolution with Entity Centric Learning allows you to take these two records, and because of other data you will have in the organization, records three, four, and five, those records become the glue that binds them together to go, ‘Wow, these two people are really the same.’ It’s really powerful. It’s actually essential to catch clever bad actors. Without it, you’re only going to find the idiots. So, use entity resolution – use Entity Centric Learning.

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