Senzing AI – Accelerating Discovery and Innovation for a Better World

Imagine a world where we make new discoveries faster. Could we solve more of the world’s biggest challenges? Could we create better answers for climate change, accelerate personalized medicine, and reduce fraud?

We can. We must. We have.

At Senzing, we understand data is being collected at a rate outpacing our ability to manage it. As a result, humanity is missing important discoveries.

What we need are tools that better connect scattered data to reveal the seemingly unrelated.

Enter the New Era of AI

In this dynamic new era of AI, groundbreaking technologies like ChatGPT, DALL·E and countless others are democratizing access to AI, propelling us into the future.

Senzing is proud to be part of this emerging new era. We created Senzing AI to deliver faster, smarter innovations from Connected Data.

Together, AI technologies are going to significantly advance humanity’s progress.

Welcome to the future.

Special thanks to Brennan at JustEastofWest and Pip at Pip Gilmour Productions for the video production!

Video Transcript

0:00 Introduction
0:11 Humanity is Creating an Enormous Amount of Data
1:16 Connecting Data to the Correct Entity/Person
1:56 Recorded Data Versus Time
2:27 Connecting Data in Nature to Other Industries
3:02 Senzing Entity Resolution to Discover Connections in Data

Narrator: From the beginning of time, humanity has been working to better understand our world.

Jeff Jonas: To make the unknown known.

0:11 Humanity is Creating an Enormous Amount of Data

Narrator: In our quest for knowledge, we’re producing an enormous amount of data. In fact, the rate at which it’s being collected is outpacing our ability to manage it all. Humanity is missing important discoveries because the data is so scattered and difficult to connect.

One such challenge: connecting the right data to the right person.

Jeff: My name is Jeff Jonas and I’m a data scientist. Or, am I Jeff Jonas the Iron Man triathlete? Or, Jeff Jonas the founder and CEO of Senzing? Or am I all three?

Narrator: Compounding the problem — different people can have the same name.

Jeff 2: My name is Jeff and I’m a founder of Senzing.

Jeff 3: I’m Jeff Jonas. Joshua Jeffrey Jonas.

Narrator: Who is who?

Jeff 4: I’ve been Jeff Jonas.

Jeff: What?

Narrator: Why does it matter?

1:16 Connecting Data to the Correct Entity/Person

Jeff: There are a lot of people that could be confused with my identity. Each one has scattered and disconnected data. I hope they find the correct medical records for the right Jeff Jonas. My life could depend on it.

Connecting the right data to the right person is the essence of what’s known as entity resolution. This is what we do at Senzing. We invented an AI to connect the right data to the right person in real time.

Narrator: Making connections between data is an age-old problem and it’s getting harder as the amount of recorded data is accelerating.

1:56 Recorded Data Versus Time

Jeff: Let me explain. Here’s recorded data and here is time. In the Stone Age, it’s just cave art. Then comes hieroglyphics, then scrolls and maps, then books and the printing press. And then boom: the digital age. More information than ever before and on this journey there’s been incredible discoveries: electricity, penicillin, and the dawn of computers. Incredible progress as more data gets connected.

2:27 Connecting Data in Nature to Other Industries

Narrator: Researchers in Africa noticed termite mounds produce natural climate control inside.

Jeff: This information helped inspire architects to design energy-efficient skyscrapers.

Woman: Insect behavior and engineering.

Jeff: A connection that’s easy to miss.

Narrator: Just imagine the millions of new breakthroughs that could be made by discovering the hidden connections in the data all around us leading to smarter solutions for global hunger, personalized medicine and managing climate change.

3:02 Senzing Entity Resolution to Discover Connections in Data

Jeff: At Senzing, we hope to inspire others to find more connections in humanity’s recorded data. Imagine if we could responsibly harness the seemingly unrelated to reveal the unknown… significantly advancing humankind’s progress. Together, we can.

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