How To Fight FinCrime Efficiently Using Entity Resolution & Neo4j Graph Technology

Why do you need Senzing explainable entity resolution with graph technology, like Neo4j?

In his talk at the Neo4j NODES 23 Conference, Alan Brown, (CTO of Senzing Partner Aptitude Global), explains techniques for using both entity resolution and graph technology to fight financial crime.

Watch the video below!

Topics covered in this fascinating talk include:

  • Industry challenges relating to fraud and financial crime
  • What is entity resolution and how can it help
  • Why graph technology and graph visualisation play an important role
  • How to enable entity resolution in your organisation
  • Aptitude’s Data Intelligence Platform

The session concludes with a live demo of:

  • Explainable entity resolution using Aptitude’s Explainability plugin for Linkurious
  • How to identify PEPs and sanctions using OpenSanctions data combined with entity resolution and graph technology

It’s free and you can try it in 15 minutes or less.

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