Customer 360

Senzing for Customer 360 can be deployed for individual analysts as a desktop application or by programmers to integrate entity resolution into new or existing business systems. Senzing makes it easy to find out Who is Who in your data.

Senzing for Customer 360 Empowers Organizations:
  • Find duplicates in your customer and marketing lists.
  • Discover prospects who are already customers.
  • Build omni-channel customer views.

Senzing Smarter Entity ResolutionTM

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Direct Marketing

Clean up your direct marketing database

Quickly and easily find duplicates within and across your marketing databases. Compare your customer lists against your prospect lists to make sure you are not marketing to people who are already customers. Compare your marketing lists with former customers who were a low value or unwanted (e.g., fraudsters) to make sure you are not encouraging them to come back.


Customer Relationship Management

Clean up your CRM database for better customer engagement

Quickly and easily find duplicates within and across in your customer, loyalty club and/or CRM databases. (e.g., SalesForce, SugarCRM, Zoho). Discover customer relationships beyond householding e.g., those sharing phones and emails. Compare your current customers with former customers who were low value or unwanted (e.g., fraudsters) to see if they are sneaking back in.

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Next Best Action

Use an omni-channel view to make better recommendations

Build rich resumes and relationships between customers by quickly and easily combining multi-channel customer data (e.g., CRM, customer service, refunds, externally purchased demographic and lifestyle data). Use this rich view to drive higher quality predictive models and recommendations.


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