What Makes Senzing Unique?

By Senzing, published March 2, 2022

Senzing® entity resolution (ER) discovers common entities and relationships within data to provide a complete inventory of every record related to each person and company. Organizations that deploy Senzing entity resolution realize a rapid return on investment (ROI), achieve better outcomes and gain competitive advantages.

The Uniquely Senzing white paper provides an overview of six key areas where Senzing entity resolution stands out.

Purpose-built AI for Entity Resolution.
Combines built-in intelligence with real-time machine learning. Our team’s knowledge from decades of experience solving complex data matching and relationship detection challenges is included from day one. Over time, entity resolution machine learning (ML) makes the system smarter and allows it to immediately adapt to new discoveries without reloading.

True Real-time Operations.
Streaming, real-time or batch data is immediately resolved and available for queries or downstream systems. Can be used to support transactional workflows. All maintenance, including deletes, is also handled in real time.

Minimal Data Preparation.
More tolerant of messy and structurally inconsistent data than traditional entity resolution software. Data preparation time is usually 85% less than other options.

Built-In Privacy by Design (PbD).
Built from the ground up to support PbD. Supports full attribution, data tethering, real-time correction of false positives, favoring of false negatives, and selective field hashing.

Nonobvious Relationship Awareness.
Identifies undisclosed relationships within the data to detect relationship networks, such as households or fraud and other criminal rings. Maintains and manages disclosed relationships, possible matches and even ambiguous matches.

Speed and Scalability.
Scales up from a laptop to a 1k node cloud cluster. We perform thousands of entity resolution transactions per second over hundreds of millions, or billions, of records.


Another unique quality of Senzing entity resolution is the price. Get started for free or sign up for our one-day proof of concept.

For more details, get the white paper. Please Note: white paper readers should already have an understanding of entity resolution concepts and use cases.