By Jeff Jonas, published February 12, 2019

I’m excited to share our recently published white paper entitled “Uniquely Senzing.” The paper discusses six areas where our Senzing real-time AI for entity resolution stands out from the other 50+ commercially available entity resolution products.

The paper covers the following six areas of uniqueness:

  1. Purpose-built AI for Entity Resolution. Our breakthrough approach combines common sense with real-time machine learning. Senzing software does not require tuning, training or experts, and works well on the first two records.
  2. Real-time Operations. We can be bulk loading historical data while processing daily transactions and queries. We also perform all maintenance, including deletes, in real time. No reloading.
  3. Minimal Data Preparation. Have messy names and addresses? No worries. Senzing software sorts out inconsistent representations effortlessly. You’ll likely spend up to 85% less time preparing/cleaning your data.
  4. Built-In Privacy by Design (PbD). We have more privacy features baked-in than any other entity resolution technology. As privacy laws proliferate, organizations will make privacy-enhancing technology a requirement.
  5. Nonobvious Relationship Awareness. Need to see beyond who is who? Senzing software reveals who is connected to who in real time to make it difficult for clever bad actors to evade your anti-fraud, anti-corruption, and compliance processes.
  6. Speed and Scalability. Senzing software scales up from a laptop to a 1k node cloud cluster. We perform thousands of entity resolution transactions per second over hundreds of millions, or billions, of records.

The other unique thing about Senzing software is our price. You can download our application or programmer API for free right now and see how it works on your data (no personal data flows to Senzing, Inc.).

When you’re ready you can easily scale up to an affordable annual subscription. There are no lock-ins and we offer a 3-year price protection guarantee.

For more details, download the white paper here. Note: white paper readers should already have an understanding of entity resolution concepts and use cases.

Senzing Rizing!