Prevent Duplicate Records and Discover Hidden Connections

Does your organization have duplicate data about customers and other entities? Most do. It’s a big data quality problem. Watch this video as Senzing CEO Jeff Jonas explains how to improve your data quality with entity resolution so you can make better decisions and take advantage of more opportunities.

Entity resolution gives you a clear picture of who is who and who is related to whom in your data. When new records arrive, Senzing® entity resolution quickly determines if they match data about existing customers or other entities, preventing duplicate records and uncovering hidden connections in real time.

When you improve your data quality, you’ll make better decisions downstream, have better interactions with customers, and increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Senzing entity resolution also excels at identifying when bad guys are trying to get away with something they shouldn’t. This helps you detect potential fraud sooner, reducing loss and risk.

Want to see how entity resolution can improve your data quality? Try it for free with some of your own data and see the results in 15 minutes!

Edited Video Transcript

0:00 The Big Data Quality Problem
0:07 Prevent New Duplicates at Onboarding
0:43 Senzing Entity Resolution Enables Higher Quality Decisions Downstream
1:10 Senzing Entity Resolution Improves Data Quality

Let’s talk, just for a minute, about the role of data quality in entity resolution.

0:07 Prevent New Duplicates at Onboarding

You can use entity resolution, our Senzing API, to find all the duplicates and the hidden connections in the data you’ve already collected. Then, because Senzing is a real-time entity resolution API, you can also use it as data is being onboarded. When a new record is being onboarded, you can ping the Senzing API. It’ll tell you if you’ve ever seen that entity, or anybody close to that entity, and you can use that information to improve – as a real-time feedback loop – that onboarded record. And maybe it’s not a new customer, or maybe it is. If it’s an existing customer, you can attach it to the customer that you already have on file, and you can prevent new duplicates from being created.

0:43 Senzing Entity Resolution Enables Higher Quality Decisions Downstream

This is going to make a big difference for your organization’s outcomes because you have properly counted, or I’ll say expertly counted, entities: you’ll know who’s who and who’s related to who. The higher quality decisions downstream you’re going to make…the better interactions you’re going to have with customers…and your better ability to understand, upsell and cross-sell will increase your opportunities. And definitely – because we’re really good at this – is understanding when a bad guy is trying to get away with something they shouldn’t.

1:10 Senzing Entity Resolution Improves Data Quality

Senzing entity resolution is going to make it easy for you, and it’s going to help make your data crispy and clean.

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