How Entity Resolution Benefits Commercial Software Companies

By Senzing, published October 12, 2022

Will better data matching make your product more competitive? Should you build entity resolution capabilities in house or add a third-party solution? Watch this video as Jeff Jonas discusses your options and how easy it is to embed entity resolution into your commercial software.

If your product handles data about people or organizations, you can improve the accuracy of your results and increase customer satisfaction with entity resolution.

Whether you’re thinking of adding entity resolution capabilities to your product for the first time or want to augment your current capabilities with new enhancements like support for real time transactions, relationship detection and more, you have two options. Either invest in building entity resolution yourself – which can be expensive and take much longer than you might think – or embed entity resolution capabilities from a third party.

Add Entity Resolution in Two API Calls

Embedding entity resolution is so fast, easy and affordable, it doesn’t really make sense to build it yourself anymore. Think about it – would you build your own spellchecking or credit card processing capabilities? No. Just like these common software add ons, entity resolution can now be added to your product with just a few lines of code, whether your software runs on premises, in the cloud or as a service.

In a few sprints, you can add the most advanced entity resolution to your product and then you and your team can focus on other tasks.

Want to learn how other commercial software vendors are already benefiting from Senzing Inside? Contact a Senzing entity resolution expert to learn more.

Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:26 Entity Resolution API Call

If your company creates a solution that you sell and you need high quality entity resolution to have a great product – whether you’re not doing it yet but you want entity resolution in your technology or you’re doing entity resolution, and now you’re figuring out what to do next and how do you get to the next gen in real time and all the things you need to be competitive – you’re going to have these choices.

0:26 Entity Resolution API Call

Are you going to invest more money in it or are going to realize that today entity resolution is just a commodity API call. It’s literally embeddable with incredible ease right inside your product. No phone homes or call outs. It literally runs where your software runs on your cloud or on prem.

Nothing’s more affordable. It’s never been easier to just basically snap your fingers and have great entity resolution built in. It’s an OEM relationship and whether you white label it or you want to say it’s Senzing Inside, that’s all up to you. But literally overnight, in the next few sprints, you can add entity resolution and move on and work on other things.

We’re here to support you with that. We’re Senzing, check out our Senzing API.

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