How To Evaluate & Audit Entity Resolution Results

Wherever you are in your entity resolution journey, Senzing wants to make your progress easier. Watch this video as Jeff Jonas, Senzing CEO, discusses the free tools Senzing offers to help you quickly evaluate and audit your entity resolution results for improved entity resolution accuracy.

Senzing audit tools let you evaluate and audit entity resolution results, including the output from two entity resolution systems. Whether the output is from a Senzing system, a system you built in-house, or another commercial system, you can use the Senzing tool to compare the systems and the differences between their results. You can view as much detail as you need, even ask why records matched or didn’t.

Our tools make evaluating, testing, comparing and auditing entity resolution results fast and easy.

Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:17 Evaluating & Auditing Entity Resolution Results
0:41 Apache-2.0 Licensed Python Entity Resolution Accuracy Audit Tool
1:16 Quick Decisions from Fast Entity Resolution

At Senzing, we put a lot of effort into figuring out how to make your experience with entity resolution technology faster and more trusted. You know, [to help] take the risk out.

0:17 Evaluating & Auditing Entity Resolution Results

A quick story for you. One of our customers, about two [or] three years ago, showed up and ran our software. We checked in afterwards and they said: Now we’ve got a 90-day project with our engineers to write some software to compare your results to our own homegrown results. I’m like, that’s crazy! We wouldn’t want to have everybody have to do that.

0:41 Apache-2.0 Licensed Python Entity Resolution Accuracy Audit Tool

So, what we did is we launched a project. We created an audit tool – this is Python, it’s Apache-2.0 licensed open source. You can find it [here].

It allows you to take Senzing output and the output of another entity resolution engine (e.g. your homegrown results, your golden data set where you know what the answers are) and produce a delta between the two – the [differences between the two including] false positives and false negatives. Then we allow you to drill into it and ask why and get an answer about why something matched or didn’t.

1:16 Quick Decisions from Fast Entity Resolution

This allows organizations to make really quick decisions because their confidence [increases quickly] when you can see accuracy contrasted like this. It’s just one of the many things that we’re doing to speed up your experience and your confidence in entity resolution.

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