Benefits of an Entity Resolution API

By Senzing, published December 7, 2022

Adding world-class entity resolution to your product or service can increase your competitive advantage. Watch the video below where Jeff Jonas talks about how ISVs and other solution providers benefit from integrating Senzing® entity resolution into their products or services.

You can add Senzing entity resolution with just a few API calls, whether your software runs on premises, in a private cloud or as a service. If you need to add or improve data matching and relationship detection in your offering, don’t spend all the time and resources required build these capabilities yourself. Instead, embed Senzing entity resolution and immediately benefit from the most advanced, easy to use capabilities available.

To learn more or discuss how entity resolution can enhance your software, schedule a call with one of our entity resolution experts.

Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:22 Investment in Entity Resolution
0:44 Venture Capital in Entity Resolution
0:55 Local, Cloud, or On-Prem Entity Resolution API
1:11 Entity Resolution API Benefits
1:21 Embed Entity Resolution

If you’re a solutions provider and you have products to the market that need to do a good job of understanding who is who and who’s related to who, to produce accurate fraud alerts or accurate marketing recommendations or whatever your product does, the quality of your entity resolutions can determine how competitive you are.

0:22 Investment in Entity Resolution

Now, what’s interesting is a lot of buzz that’s starting to emerge around entity resolution. There’s a ton of investment going on, your customers are going to paying more and more attention to the accuracy, and the bar is rising about what levels of accuracy are expected.

0:44 Venture Capital in Entity Resolution

There’s a reason why venture capitalists have funded three quarters of a billion dollars into entity resolution companies in five years, and it’s because of this – you being more competitive, having your product in the market, faster with great entity resolution – is what we here at Senzing are here to do.

0:55 Local, Cloud, or On-Prem Entity Resolution API

So, our goal is to be able to provide you with an entity resolution API. You’re going to embed it inside your software. It’s going to run locally on your cloud or on your prem or on your clients’ premises. And literally almost overnight, you’re going to have world-class entity resolution.

1:11 Entity Resolution API Benefits

And this is going to give you lower false-positives. It’s going to give you more accurate detections. You’re going to have a better job understanding of who is who for marketing. You’re going to find more fraudsters. You’re going to have a more competitive product.

1:21 Embed Entity Resolution

And we make this so easy for you to add into your systems that there’s going to be no reason you’re going to want to take this mundane tasks of data record matching and have it be built by your own teams. You’re going to have those people work on more unique characteristics of your product.

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