092019 georgian-partners-impact-podcast-with-jeff-jonas

This is the latest podcast from a series that gives a first-hand look at the big opportunities and issues facing today’s software entrepreneurs.

What we really do is we take a complicated task for programmers and make it easy. In a way, we’re like Stripe and Twilio. Like with Stripe, if you want credit cards on your website, you could go write a credit card interface or you could just use Stripe. If you want cellphone interfaces, you could write your own or just use Twilio- and that’s what we’re doing for entity resolution.

Maybe our biggest use case is fraud- if you have people you’re trying to keep out of the bank or defrauding your insurance company, you want to be able to spot them so they’re not stealing from you and coming back next week and stealing some more. That’s understanding who is who and who is related to who… so we’re building a resolved graph of who is who and who is related to who.