Software Development Times Features Senzing Entity Resolution API

Solving the Puzzle of Entity Resolution with an Easy-to-Use API

By Jenna Barron, News Editor of SD Times, published February 5, 2024

SD Times, Software Development Times, is a publication that provides news and analysis for the software development industry. Read their latest story to learn how developers can get started with the Senzing® API in just a few minutes.

Senzing provides an API that makes it easy for developers to add entity resolution capabilities to applications and services with just a few lines of code. With the Senzing API, advanced data matching and relationship discovery can be added much like you would [add] payment processing capabilities from Stripe or communications software from Twilio.

Per Brian Macy, Senzing Director of product development and operations, “Entity-Centric Learning and principle based [entity resolution] are really key to making a super easy-to-use technology for entity resolution.” It’s easy for developers to get started for free and see some results in a few minutes.