Senzing Joins Esri Partner Program to Enhance Insights for ArcGIS Knowledge Users

Senzing Entity Resolution API Now Listed on ArcGIS Marketplace

Senzing, Inc., the Smarter Entity Resolution® company, announced today it has partnered with Esri, the global leader in location intelligence, to help ArcGIS Knowledge users gain better insights about people, organizations and other entities. The Senzing® entity resolution API is now listed on the Esri ArcGIS Marketplace, which features products and services built by Esri’s global partners to extend the capabilities of ArcGIS geospatial solutions.

ArcGIS Knowledge, enterprise knowledge graph software, combined with Senzing entity resolution enables users to gain greater clarity and context from geospatial data. Instead of seeking entity data from multiple data sets across many feature layers, they can now see it in a single graph view.

“We welcome Senzing to the Esri ArcGIS ecosystem. When ArcGIS Knowledge users resolve entity data before adding it to their knowledge graph, they can make better decisions with greater confidence,” said Tim Murphy, Esri director of contextual intelligence. “In my opinion, Senzing entity resolution is the best-of-breed system on the market today. The user-friendly, open Senzing architecture provides a variety of ways to work with ArcGIS and is especially useful for work in relationship analysis and data fusion.”

“Our partnership with Esri will help ArcGIS Knowledge users save time while gaining greater contextual awareness,” said Will Layton, Senzing senior vice president. “With Senzing entity resolution, users can easily determine exactly how many entities they are analyzing, identify relationships between entities, and gain important details about activities taking place at specific locations.”

About Senzing
Senzing is the first to deliver real-time AI for entity resolution. Senzing entity resolution provides organizations with new insights to make better business decisions while reducing operational costs. The Senzing API is the fastest and easiest way for commercial software vendors, and organizations in financial services, public sector, information services and other industries to integrate highly accurate, flexible and scalable entity resolution capabilities into applications, data fabrics and other data services. Senzing is Smarter Entity Resolution.

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