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What is Senzing Entity Resolution?

Senzing software® is the most advanced, affordable and easy-to-use entity resolution solution in existence. Our team has more than 250+ years of combined experience building and deploying entity resolution systems. We built all that expertise and more into our software.

Senzing software automatically discovers common entities and relationships in your data. You benefit from a complete view of all records related to every person or organization across internal and external data sources.

Run the Senzing App on your Windows or Mac desktop to quickly realize the benefits of our entity resolution technology. With Senzing App, smaller companies or projects can gain the power of advanced entity resolution on up to 10M records in batch mode.

Get Senzing API to easily integrate entity resolution capabilities into your new or existing enterprise applications. Senzing API allows you to perform highly accurate, real-time entity resolution on tens of billions of records.

There are six main reasons that our entity resolution technology is unique.

No personal data flows to Senzing, Inc.

Our software runs entirely on your cloud or on-premise computers.


Senzing AI delivers two unique capabilities:

  • Makes human-intelligent decisions without any pretraining or pretuning
  • Gets smarter over time without reloading, learns and adapts in real time

Our common sense and real-time machine learning (ML) algorithms are tightly coupled to enable these capabilities.

Senzing software is smart on day one, even with extremely small data sets. Built-in entity resolution principles and advanced comparison knowledge provide the common sense that makes this possible.

Real-time ML algorithms help our software get smarter over time. They deliver the powerful entity-centric learning, anomaly detection, and sequence-neutral processing capabilities that set us apart.


With Senzing software, you’ll never have to make decisions based on outdated entity information. We natively support real-time operations, which means our software:

  • Resolves new data in sub-seconds as it is received
  • Instantly responds to user queries with resolved data
  • Provides real-time transaction systems with current data
  • Immediately removes data and its consequences as needed
  • Performs scheduled or emergency maintenance on live systems
  • Replicates resolved entities to data marts or data warehouses
  • Publishes resolved entities as data is received (coming soon)

3. Minimal Data Preparation

We allow you to get up and running more quickly than traditional entity resolution systems. Some customers report Senzing software is eight times faster preparing and loading data.

That’s because our software is extremely tolerant of messy and structurally inconsistent data. Based on actual deployments, we eliminate up to 85 percent of the data cleansing, preparation and transformation tasks other systems typically require.

Just map data as you find it in your source systems, and we take care of the rest. Built-in data standardization and parsing routines compare data attributes across source systems, even when structures or scripts are different.

4. Built-In Privacy by Design

Senzing software is the only entity resolution technology with built-in Privacy by Design (PbD) principles, including:

  • Full attribution so we always know where every record came from and when
  • Favors false negatives to avoid matching entity or relationship data that isn’t true
  • Self-corrects false positives when new records prove prior assertions are no longer true
  • Tethers data so adds, changes and deletes are processed in source systems in real time
  • Performs entity resolution on selectively hashed fields to reduce the risk of unintended disclosure

5. Relationship Awareness

Senzing software accurately detects and manages more relationships between entities than other systems, including:

  • Disclosed logical relationships, such as an emergency contact on an employment application
  • Derived relationships, such as family members who share an email or physical address
  • Possible entity matches where there isn’t enough information yet to establish certainty
  • Ambiguous matches where more than one entity matches so choosing is arbitrary

6. Speed and Scalability

Our team spent more than 12 months designing and proving out a database schema that delivers unprecedented speed, scalability and flexibility.

We run 400M test records in-house on a single $5,000 commodity server. We perform millions of new entity resolutions a day on this system in real time, in sub seconds with no reloading ever.

Senzing software scales vertically and horizontally in cloud computing infrastructures. We make it easy to scale out across heterogeneous clusters as record volumes grow to billions.

Senzing is the fastest way to find out Who is Who in your data.