Detect More Fraud and Reduce Risk

Senzing software is the most accurate, flexible and cost-effective entity resolution solution for improving fraud detection. Our software helps identify more suspicious individuals and organizations, especially those trying to hide their identities. We improve processes so investigators can quickly evaluate potential fraudsters.

  • Prevent fraudsters from opening new accounts
  • Find more fraud rings, first-party and third-party fraud
  • Identify more insider threats to reduce internal fraud risk

Senzing software provides you with complete views of customers, employees, third parties and the relationships between them. Gain powerful new insights to more easily reduce fraud, risk and loss across all accounts and geographies.

First Party Fraud

Bust Outs

Credit Abuse

Synthetic ID

Third Party Fraud

Credit Card Fraud

Loan Fraud

Payment Fraud

Internal Fraud

Account Takeovers

Unauthorized Transfers