How Digital Transformation Benefits from Entity Resolution

Digital transformation projects require accurate data. You need to know who is who and who is related to whom in your data to get the best insights and make better business decisions. Watch this video as Jeff Jonas explains how entity resolution enhances digital transformation.

A key goal of many digital transformation projects is access to accurate 360-degree views of data about people and organizations. When you add the Senzing® entity resolution API as a component in your data fabric architecture you can better understand entities and how they relate to one another. With just a few API calls to implement, Senzing entity resolution allows you to improve your downstream analytics, decision making, investigations, and visualizations.

Read the How to Improve Digital Transformation Outcomes white paper to learn more.

Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:07 Digital Transformation Benefits: Digital Transformation Requires Entity Resolution
0:40 Digital Transformation Benefits: Utilizing the Senzing API in Your Data Fabric
1:01 Digital Transformation Benefits: Fast Track Your Digital Transformation with the Senzing API

So, you’ve been thinking about digital transformation.

0:07 Digital Transformation Requires Entity Resolution

Well, one of the core tenets to digital transformation is better understanding your entities – who’s who and who’s related to whom. Is it five different records about five different people or is it five records about one person?

If you don’t do that well in your digital transformation journey, your downstream analytics, your downstream decision-making, downstream investigations, visualizations are all flawed to that degree. It leads you to more false positives where you’re wasting resources. It leads you to false negatives where you miss the obvious.

0:40 Utilizing the Senzing API in Your Data Fabric

So net net, if you’re doing digital transformation, you’re going to want to make sure that you’ve got entity resolution as a core tenet. One way you might do this is by putting the Senzing API up in your data fabric and making it available across the enterprise as an entity resolution service. You can use the Senzing API with as little as three API calls and service the entire enterprise’s needs.

1:01 Fast-Track Your Digital Transformation with the Senzing API

If you want to fast-track your digital transformation, a Senzing API delivering enterprise-wide entity resolution is going to give you really fast time to value and great outcomes.

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