By Bob Gourley of CTOvision.com, published December 12, 2018

This is a review from a blog that was founded to discuss technology, with a focus on topics of relevance to enterprise technologists.

If you have data you very likely have entity resolution challenges. Entity resolution is the task of figuring out who is who and what is what in your data. It encompasses finding duplicates, correlating, disambiguation and understanding the relationships between people, objects and key metadata… use cases [include] marketing, sales, finance, IT, supply chain management, customer support, fraud detection, law enforcement, counterterror and cybersecurity, including the insider threat.

We recently put the new capabilities of Senzing through the paces and found its entity resolution capabilities to be absolutely amazing. It is easy to start, easy to connect to your data, easy to view and interact with results, and easy to drive decisions based on iterative examinations of the data. The Senzing app runs on your Windows or Mac (this is not a SaaS app, which keeps you in control of your data).