Why libpostal Users Should Use Senzing Entity Resolution - Libpostal API Parse Addresses Optimally

Why libpostal Users Should Use Entity Resolution

By Brian Macy, published August 8, 2023

If you’re a libpostal user, it’s likely that you’re processing or matching more than just address data, as addresses are usually connected to people and organizations (entities). Did you know that entity resolution technology can help make sense of all your address data and improve your understanding of names and other attributes too?

Discover the Value of Senzing Entity Resolution

The Senzing® entity resolution API uses libpostal to parse addresses as part of its advanced entity resolution solution. The Senzing API uses artificial intelligence (AI) to accurately match and score names, addresses and other attributes within your data. It also detects relationships between people and organizations, providing a comprehensive relationship graph. And, the explainability capabilities provide details about why records matched and how an entity evolved.

Similar to how you can use the libpostal API to parse addresses without developing address parsing expertise, you can also use the Senzing API to match records about people and organizations without developing expertise in the multiple attributes used for entity resolution.

How libpostal Users Get Started with Senzing Entity Resolution

It’s easy for any libpostal user to get started with Senzing entity resolution. You can install the Senzing API and be up and running in less than 15 minutes – and no data flows to Senzing, Inc. If you have any issues, support from Senzing is always free.