The EU’s Global Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) has upped the privacy ante. As of 25 May 2018, any company who does business with EU citizens must be able to respond to their requests to access their personal data within 30 days or face huge fines.

Is your organization ready for 25 May 2018? Our study says probably not. We interviewed 1,000 senior executives from companies in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy for our Finding the Missing Link in GDPR Compliance report. Of those 1,000 executives, over 60% of companies who had a grasp of GDPR requirements stated that they are not “GDPR ready” and over 36% said they are “GDPR challenged.” This is staggering considering it indicates potentially tens of billions in fines for non-compliance. And, what’s worse — these percentages omit companies who a) don’t know what GDPR is or b) think GDPR compliance doesn’t apply to them (but it does).

How are organizations supposed to comply? Your organization must uncover Who is Who in your data. Trying to locate all the data about a single individual throughout your enterprise is hard work – think of being in a library without a card catalog trying to find a specific book. Daunting. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in our survey think they’ll need to search an average of 23 different databases and large enterprises think 43 databases is an average for them.

Now imagine doing this for 89-246 enquiries per month – these were estimates again from our survey. They expect enquiry searches to take 172 hours/month for SMEs and 1,259 hours/month for large enterprises. That’s a lot of person power to perform traditional database searches. Does your organization have enough resources? Can your organization afford it?

Traditional database searches lack the Missing Link – Senzing’s Single Subject Search. This plug-and-play software was developed to enable organizations to resolve Who is Who in their data, quickly and cost effectively, factoring in multiple data sources, erroneous inputs, misspellings, duplications, and different names.

Senzing’s Single Subject Search fixes messy data through real-time machine learning – that is self-learning and self-correcting. With respect to data subject access requests (DSAR), this enables your company to become GDPR Ready in hours not days or months. We send you the code, you load your data, that’s it.

Senzing’s Single Subject Search will revolutionize your GDPR compliance.