Good morning world! We are Senzing and this is a big week for us.

We’ve been operating in stealth mode since August 2016 when we signed a unique partnership with IBM to license the G2 technology.

Following an additional year and a half of engineering, today I can confidently tell you that Senzing has the most advanced Entity Resolution technology on the planet. Our new tag line Smarter Entity Resolution™ speaks to a slew of new advanced features like G2v2’s ability to self-tune and self-correct the past, all in real time.

G2v2 is Entity Resolution 2.0.

What is Entity Resolution 2.0? It’s technology that determines who is who in your data. Entity resolution helps any organization, large or small, transform piles of identity data into actionable data that can be used for fraud detection, risk, marketing and just about everything.

Entity resolution has been an expensive, complex and time-consuming practice to make work. No more. We reinvented entity resolution so that it no longer requires entity resolution experts. Never has entity resolution been so easy to use. Never has entity resolution been so affordable.

After creating five generations of entity resolution software over several decades, we ultimately decided a true next generation capability would require starting over from scratch. In 2009, nine years ago, we started designing G2 with Privacy by Design (PbD) being a first principle.

Now G2v2 is self-learning and self-correcting. It’s plug and play – you download the software, feed it your data, and run it at your location or on your cloud. No training is required. Anyone can use it.

With G2v2 inside, we are very proud to introduce you to Senzing ER: the first real-time AI for entity resolution.

Who needs it? Financial services, marketing companies, law enforcement … anyone hunting bad guys, looking for fraud, interested in GDPR compliance, wanting to know customers better. You need Senzing ER.

More on Senzing ER can be found on Senzing’s website or in future blog posts. Stay tuned.