How to Improve Digital Transformation Outcomes

Easy, Accurate, Affordable Entity Resolution Powers Digital Transformation By Senzing, published July 25, 2022 Digital transformation strategies are built on data. That’s especially true of strategies that focus on people and organizations, whether customers, partners, employees, vendors, or citizens. Accurate 360-degree views of people and organizations bring together data from a variety of data sources, [...]

Six Areas Where Senzing Entity Resolution Stands Out

What Makes Senzing Unique? By Senzing, published March 2, 2022 Senzing entity resolution (ER) discovers common entities and relationships within data to provide a complete inventory of every record related to each person and company. Organizations that deploy Senzing entity resolution realize a rapid return on investment (ROI), achieve better outcomes and gain competitive advantages. [...]

Areas to Evaluate When Making Buy or Build Decisions

Entity Resolution Capabilities to Consider By Senzing Technical Team, published September 16, 2020 Senzing has created a technical overview summarizing a list of important capabilities to consider when evaluating whether to buy or build enterprise-grade entity resolution (ER) technology. While many of these capabilities are obvious, some are often overlooked. The table below summarizes the [...]

Sample Architecture for Real-Time Decisionmaking

Senzing Architectural Pattern for Perpetual Insights By Senzing Technical Team, published April 1, 2022 Use this architecture for systems that are making real-time decisions about new or existing entities. The perpetual insights pattern covers common use cases such as: Know Your Customer (KYC), Customer On-Boarding, Transaction Monitoring, Background Checks, Supply Chain Vetting, etc. Data Sources: [...]

How the Senzing Engine Processes Inbound Records

Entity Resolution Processes By Senzing Technical Team, published February 14, 2020 Senzing performs a number of processes to entity-resolve inbound records as they are received. You may be familiar with several of them, but Senzing has some unique processes that can result in higher quality outcomes than other methods, including: Automatically resolving entities without any [...]

Benefits of the Senzing Principle-Based Approach

What is Principle-Based Entity Resolution? By Senzing Technical Team, published December 4, 2019 At Senzing, we resolve entities using a unique principle-based approach that delivers higher quality entity resolution results than other methods. Principles also make Senzing® software easier to deploy and virtually eliminates the need for pre-training, tuning or experts. Our principles are designed [...]