Entity-Centric Learning Explained

Delivering Highly Accurate Record Matching with Entity-Centric Learning Entity-centric learning is the highly accurate AI-powered record matching technique used by Senzing® entity resolution to resolve new records against existing entities. This unique Senzing capability is essential to finding criminals intentionally trying to obfuscate their identities. It is also great for identifying new opportunities, improving matching [...]

Entity Resolution Buyer’s Guide

The Definitive Step-by-Step Guide to Evaluating Entity Resolution SolutionsGET BUYER'S GUIDEWhat to Look for When Evaluating Entity Resolution Solutions Are you trying to decide on the right entity resolution software to purchase? If so, the Entity Resolution Buyer’s Guide will help you understand what to look for when evaluating and selecting one. The guide provides [...]

USCIS Improves Fraud Analytics with Senzing Entity Resolution

White Paper: How USCIS Utilized Senzing Entity Resolution to Improve Fraud Analytics The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) needed to improve its ability to identify immigration fraud committed by applicants and their representatives. The project involved detecting relationships between individuals requesting asylum or entry into the country and their lawyers and other representatives. [...]

Aite-Novarica Shines Spotlight on Senzing

Aite-Novarica Shines Spotlight on Senzing Senzing was highlighted as an emerging vendor in the Aite-Novarica Risk Insights and Advisory Fintech Spotlight Q1 2023 report. The Fintech Spotlight “aims to provide insight on interesting vendors that offer a strong unique selling point and an innovative approach…” Senzing and the other five firms profiled were selected because [...]

Why Explainability is Critical for Entity Resolution

Why Explainability is Critical for Entity Resolution Why is explainability critical for entity resolution? It’s important that the results entity resolution systems provide are easily explainable. Business users, big data scientists and auditors all want to know why records matched or didn’t, as well as the details of how decisions were made. Explainability helps you [...]

Getting Started With Senzing Entity Resolution

3 Quick Ways to Explore Senzing Entity Resolution Senzing® entity resolution is the most accurate and affordable way to quickly match records about people, organizations and their relationships. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are three easy ways for getting started. No matter which option you choose, in just minutes you can [...]

NICE Actimize Guest Blog

Improving Effectiveness with Senzing Entity ResolutionQ&A with Mike Barrett, Head of AML Product at NICE Actimize By Senzing, published October 13, 2022 NICE Actimize provides real-time, cross-channel fraud prevention, anti-money laundering (AML) detection, and trading surveillance solutions. The company augments its industry-leading anti-money laundering solutions by embedding real-time entity resolution capabilities from Senzing into its [...]

Creating 360-Degree Person-Centric Views

Creating 360-Degree Person-Centric Views By Senzing, published September 27, 2022 With data coming from a variety of organizations in a myriad of formats, Healthy Alliance – a Troy, NY based organization with a charter to improve the health of the underserved – struggled with resolving records from 150+ sources to get a complete, reliable view [...]

451 Research Coverage Initiation

Entity Resolution Specialist Senzing Focuses on a Persistent Data Quality Pain Point By Senzing, published September 14, 2022 Senzing received recent coverage from 451 Research on their Market Insight Report. Analyst Paige Bartley summed up her analysis of how we improve enterprise data quality in this way: “The company is focused on offering an entity [...]

How to Improve Digital Transformation Outcomes

Easy, Accurate, Affordable Entity Resolution Powers Digital Transformation By Senzing, published July 25, 2022 GET WHITE PAPER Digital transformation strategies are built on data. That's especially true of strategies that focus on people and organizations, whether customers, partners, employers, vendors, or citizens. Accurate 360-degree views of people and organizations bring together data from a variety [...]