Open Source Entity Resolution Tools

By Senzing, published November 10, 2022

Our goal at Senzing is to help you integrate and deploy entity resolution into your environment. Watch this video as Jeff Jonas explains some of the tools that Senzing offers for open source entity resolution.

The Senzing entity resolution compiled core is extendable and configurable – with almost a hundred assets on Github. We want to help you to accelerate your project. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact and we’ll help locate the best asset for you.

Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:29 Open Source Assets

One of our goals at Senzing is to help accelerate your success as you integrate, deploy Senzing into your environment. And one of the ways we’ve done that is we’ve surrounded our compiled entity resolution core, which is configurable and extendable, we’ve surrounded it with almost a hundred open source assets that you’ll find on our Github.

0:29 Open Source Assets

These are Python audit tools, these are real-time replicators that read out from our listener framework to update for Neo4j graph, for example. These are our Java REST API server. This is our Javascript GUI Starter Kit, so if you want to have a search screen and a resume, you can just draw on these open source pieces of code to help accelerate your project.

So when you’re going to deploy Senzing, if you’re trying to speed things up, take a look in our Github. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, shoot us a note at, and we’ll try to locate the asset that’s closest that you can draw upon for your work.

We also love to hear the kinds of things that you wish were in there because we put a lot of effort into our open source community and advancing it. We’re not waiting for you to do it, we’re doing it, and it’s gonna speed up your project.

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