Creating 360-Degree Person-Centric Views

By Senzing, published September 27, 2022

With data coming from a variety of organizations in a myriad of formats, Healthy Alliance – a Troy, NY based organization with a charter to improve the health of the underserved – struggled with resolving records from 150+ sources to get a complete, reliable view of community members.


Read on to learn how Healthy Alliance created 360-degree person-centric views with our entity resolution software. Healthy Alliance wanted to better understand an individual’s social care needs, services provided and outcomes of those interventions. This required matching and linking data sources from hundreds of partner organizations.

Solution: Senzing Entity Resolution for a Complete Person-Centric View

Healthy Alliance chose Senzing® entity resolution software to match and link millions of records and create 360-degree views of individuals.

“Initially we created our own homegrown matching logic and tried a few free, open-source options, but we quickly realized we needed to do something better, especially since we were dealing with millions of records.”

Senzing entity resolution software is now a key piece of technology powering Healthy Alliance’s ability to effectively coordinate services for its community. To learn more about why Healthy Alliance chose the Senzing entity resolution API and the results it achieved, read the full case study.