Downloading & Installing Senzing Entity Resolution

Entity resolution often takes too long. At Senzing, we’ve focused on making entity resolution software fast and easy. We strive to eliminate as much complexity as possible from all aspects of your workflow when downloading and installing our entity resolution software.

Today we’re introducing the Senzing In One Breath video series. This series features Senzing team members performing various actions while CEO and founder Jeff Jonas holds this breath.

We’re trying to have some fun with these videos while making the point that deploying and managing entity resolution systems doesn’t have to take so long.

The idea for the Senzing In One Breath video series came to Jeff Jonas when he heard a customer say, “One of the reasons we chose Senzing was because your competitors took over a month to install and you installed in a day!” Jonas thought to himself – A DAY? “I thought you could download and install Senzing entity resolution API much faster than that. In fact, I bet you can install it while I’m holding my breath.” And so, in a flash, the Senzing In One Breath series was born.

Watch the first video in the Senzing In One Breath Series: Downloading and Installing Senzing® Entity Resolution. We hope it brings a smile or a laugh to your day.

Senzing is breaking many entity resolution barriers. One of the main ones is making entity resolution easy. How easy? In one breath easy.

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