IBM Cloud Pak

This is a personal blog written by a current IBM employee.

The user of Senzing is a developer. We take this complicated task for programmers and make it easy. Other companies that are like us in some ways are Stripe, you can either write your credit card interfaces, or you can just use the Stripe API… So, Senzing is that for entity resolution. Entity resolution comes with many different words: in marketing it could be match-merge, or merge-purge. It’s the matching that goes on with your marketing data.

We have such a clean product for developers to perform entity resolution, trivially. It’s so trivial now to match and resolve records within and across sources, on the Cloud Pak for Data product. One of the advantages of being there is the containerization, and the hybrid, so you can run it on whatever cloud you want, you can run it on-prem. It’s super easy and accessible, so you can try it right on the IBM Cloud without having to go get your own. We give customers of IBM Cloud Pak for Data a free million records.