Aite-Novarica Shines Spotlight on Senzing

Senzing was highlighted as an emerging vendor in the Aite-Novarica Risk Insights and Advisory Fintech Spotlight Q1 2023 report. The Fintech Spotlight “aims to provide insight on interesting vendors that offer a strong unique selling point and an innovative approach…”

Senzing and the other five firms profiled were selected because “their trend-setting approaches to fraud, AML, and cybersecurity are broadening the tools and intelligence available to the industry.” The report notes: “Senzing delivers unique technology that provides a foundational capability that all organizations need for fighting fraud and money laundering activities as well as for developing a comprehensive understanding of their customer relationships.”

“Senzing is a FinTech Vendor Worth Considering” for AML ISVs and FIs

The Senzing profile in the report, authored by Jim Mortensen, Strategic Advisor, Fraud & AML Practice at Aite-Novarica, notes that “Aite-Novarica Group believes that Senzing is a fintech vendor worth considering for companies that either currently have or are developing entity resolution capabilities. It meets an important and critical need of fraud and AML ISVs and can be an important component of any FIs’ infrastructure on its own.”

Buying Entity Resolution Versus In-House Development

Regarding building entity resolution capabilities in-house versus buying a commercial solution, Mortensen notes that “building effective entity resolution logic is typically fraught with numerous edge cases that drive the lion’s share of development efforts and make leveraging software, such as Senzing’s, an attractive approach vs. in-house development.”

The report also highlights the Senzing® entity resolution API and how it “requires fewer resources to tune, train, and prepare data than alternatives, and helps organizations reduce false positives and false negatives, which decreases investigation time, reduces risk, and enables organizations to better leverage precious resources.”

Read the Aite-Novarica Group Risk Insights and Advisory Fintech Spotlight on Senzing to learn more about how Senzing helps financial services companies and ISVs, and why Aite-Novarica thinks “Senzing is clearly worthy of a place in the Fintech Spotlight.”