Senzing Smarter Entity Resolution

Quickly Add Data Matching and Relationship Discovery Capabilities

Senzing entity resolution API is the fastest, easiest and most affordable option

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Senzing entity resolution API makes it easy and affordable for developers, data engineers or solution architects to add the world’s most advanced entity resolution tools and capabilities to enterprise systems, commercial applications or SaaS services.

If you’re thinking about building your own entity resolution algorithms and services in house, or deploying other commercial offerings, try Senzing software first. Senzing entity resolution APIs can be quickly and flexibly added to most architectures or environments.

From in-process APIs in Python, Java or C to a client-server REST API, Senzing has an on-prem or cloud solution to meet almost every need.

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White Paper

An overview of the six key advantages of Senzing entity resolution software.

White Paper

A review of important entity resolution features to understand when deciding to build or buy.

Technical Overview

An overview of how the Senzing engine works and how it produces better outcomes.

Senzing Entity Resolution API

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