GDPR Compliance

Senzing for GDPR Compliance solves GDPR’s Missing Link. Senzing has developed a highly effective Single Subject Search solution to help companies reduce the costs, time and risks of answering data subject access requests.

Senzing for GDPR Empowers Organizations:
  • Locate all personal data in seconds with a single search.
  • Find the precise location of each record in every source.
  • Protect privacy with built-in Privacy by Design features.

Smarter Entity ResolutionTM

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GDPR Single Subject Search

Accurately and efficiently locate data subject data

Quickly and easily create a central index allowing your organization to perform a single subject search. Instantly identify data across the enterprise e.g., customer, marketing, human resources databases and more. Entity resolution – understanding who is who and who is related to who in your data – with entity-centric learning delivers higher quality discovery. Reduce your false positives. Reduce your false negatives.

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Continuous Right to be Forgotten (RTBF) Monitoring

Ensure a subject’s data does not re-emerge after an erasure request

Continuously monitor RTBF requests to ensure this information has not re-emerged. Imagine deleting records from the organization’s main marketing file, then months later the person’s record has slipped back into the file. This can periodically happen as new data is merged and maintenance is performed.

Content tracking

Central Disclosure & Consent Tracking

Centrally track the privacy disclosures made and the subject’s consent

Different privacy disclosures are made on different channels e.g., website disclosures vs. loyalty club disclosures vs. employment disclosures. These disclosures also get revised over time. This is similarly the case with consent – different forms of consent can arrive on different channels. Privacy disclosures and consent can change over time. Instead of leaving all these obligations scattered across the enterprise, keep this ledger centrally affixed to the subject’s single-subject search resume.


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