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From: $500 / month

Senzing Enterprise Non-Production is a world-class Entity Resolution engine that is uniquely easy to use, accurate, fast and affordable. The non-production license for developers includes everything you need to fully integrate Senzing ER into your production system.

NOTE: A license file (.lic) for the Non-Production License will be provided via email within one business day, after we have qualified your order.


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Senzing ER Enterprise – Non-Production


Senzing ER Enterprise – Non-Production is for non-production use and includes everything you need to fully integrate and test Senzing ER in your system, explore what’s possible and conduct proof of concepts. This is not a hosted offering; you will receive software to run on your system(s).

Your Non-Production License includes:

  • Our Senzing ER software supporting up to 10M
  • Our QuickViewer to review/audit Senzing ER’s results
  • Knowledge center access
  • Free email support
  • Access to fixes and upgrades
  • Real-time analytics
  • Accelerator kits
  • Senzing ER repository support for MySQL, Amazon RDS, MariaDB and IBM DB2
  • Java, Python and C Interfaces
  • 90-day free grace period (before the hard-coded, automatic, timer expires); renewing and downloading the latest Update resets this timer

Exceeds Expectations FAST
The initial customer experience has been stellar with 100% of customers able to load their own data successfully without any training or assistance from Senzing.

  • Senzing ER installs in a few minutes
  • Within 15 minutes, you will have loaded and viewed Senzing ER results from the provided sample data
  • Within 30 minutes, you will have enough knowledge to start modifying the sample data files to run your own data
  • Within 1 hour, you will be auditing Senzing ER insights on your data via the QuickView tool
  • Within a day, it will be time to experiment and expand your data scenarios to get full use of Senzing ER
  • Within a week, you will be exploring the different ways to integrate Senzing ER into your production system

While you are at it, drop us a note at support@senzing.com to help us understand your experience.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • CentOS 7, RedHat 7, or Amazon Linux 2016.09 on x86_64
  • 16GB RAM
  • 4 Intel or AMD x86_64 processing cores
  • 100GB of Flash storage for the Senzing ER repository (SSD/NVMe) to make full use of the system

CentOS 7, RedHat 7, or Amazon Linux 2016.09 on x86_64


SQLite, MySQL, Amazon RDS, MariaDB and IBM DB2

Billing Period

Month, 6-month, Year


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